Return Template List Items

Return a list of customer templates.

List the templates of a customer

This request will return a list of templates that belong to a customer. It includes the ability to return paged results to limit the number of template items in the response. You can include a page offset, number of items, and template fields that can be returned in the response. It also provides a filter parameter to enable limiting templates returned based on the condition provided.

The Method

API Method
RESTPOSThttp://[Your URL]/api/3.0/templates/fields=:fields&filters=:filters&count=:count&offset=:offset


There are not required parameters for this method call

Optional Parameters

FieldsArrayA comma seperated list of template fields to return in the response
FiltersArrayA comma separated list of key value conditions that is used to filter
The data returned
CountIntegerThe number of template items to be returned in the response
OffsetIntegerThis is the page of the paginated results to return in the response


ArrayAn array of templates with id or fields specified in parameter.
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