Get a List of Transactional Mail Groups

This request will return a subset of all your transactional mails groups. Use the page and count parameters to get the whole list. You can include the order, direction and filter variables to affect the list you receive as request variables.

The Method

API Method
RESTGEThttp://[Your URL]/api/2.0/trans_groups/
Your URL is the address of your Everlytic install.

Your method must be structured as follows:

ListTransactionalGroups(string $search, int $page, int $count, string $order, string $direction) : array


$searchstringMatch group names containing a specific
$pageintegerThe page number of the
$countintegerThe number of results to return per
$orderstringThe name of the field to order the listing
$directionstringThe direction of the ordering: 'asc' or 'desc'.no


arrayAn array of transactional mail groups.
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