Contacts are the backbone of any digital communication campaign. The system offers many powerful tools to help you easily and quickly manage your contacts.

Let's have a look at the contact management screen and get familiar with some terminology. Click Contacts > Contacts to navigate to the contact management screen.


This screen comprises three important areas:

  1. A table of your contacts.
  2. The Action Bar.
  3. The Preview panel and Contact summary.

In this area, you can see:

  • Which lists a contact is subscribed to.
  • The number of messages sent to a contact.
  • A contact's read and click activity.



You can filter your contacts by the lists they've subscribed to. To do this, open the Select Lists dropdown, and check the radio button for the list you want to filter.

Your contacts will be divided by Email and Mobile, with stats for the total number of contacts in the selected list, as well as the number of bounced, unsubscribed, unconfirmed contacts, and those set to 'off'. The contacts are then listed with basic information including Email, Mobile, Contact Name and the date they were created. On the left, around the check box, is a colour showinghe status of the contact:


The Action Bar

The action bar gives you access to the following administrative actions for your contacts:

New: You can create a new contact.

Edit: You can edit an existing contact.

Delete: You can delete an existing contact.

Reports: Will take you to the Contact Report.

Advanced: Allows you to send a request for confirmation.

Close: Use this to close the preview panel.

Preview Panel

The preview panel gives more information on a selected contact.

Properties: The basic details of the contact are displayed in this panel. You can also see the basic stats including messages sent, opens, clicks, and the contact score of the selected contact.

More: Displays the extended details about the contact such as their location, company information, and personal information.

Custom Fields: All the custom fields that can be applied to a contact are displayed here.

Activity Log: A record of a contact's activity including details on sent, opened, and clicked messages. Also displays when a contact subscribed, unsubscribed or was turned to off.

Contact Rating and Scoring

Contact rating identifies your best performing contacts, ranking them according to how actively engaged they are with your emails and SMSes. The more a contact engages positively with your emails, the higher their rating. Knowing who the most interactive, interested contacts are lets you create competitions, loyalty and incentive campaigns for those contacts.

The contact rating is based on a score which combines an aging formula and takes positive and negative actions into account. The positive actions are divided by the negative to give you a score, and as this score goes up over time the contact rating improves and is indicated by the star rating out of 5. Each action performed by a contact is assigned a value. Reading an email, clicking a link, forwarding to a friend, or updating your profile counts as a positive action, whereas bounces, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and general inactivity are negatives.

For a detailed look at how we calculate contact scores and ratings, including examples, please read our Contact Scores In Depth article.
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