The Email menu is where you can create email messages, view email reports, and see details of saved and scheduled messages.

Creating Emails

Once you've imported your contacts into a list, you can get started sending your first message. The system will guide you through the email creation process. To start creating an email, click Email > Create Email. The email creation process consists of the following steps:

Scheduled Emails

When you set up scheduling during message creation, your message will be stored in Scheduled messages until it gets sent. Click Emails > History > Scheduled to view your scheduled messages. You can search for the message by campaign name using the search function.

To search by campaign name:

  1. Click the Search icon in the Action Bar.
  2. Type the message subject into the text field
  3. Click Search to return results.
  4. Select the message from the search results.

If you click on the message subject, a preview of the message will show on the right. In the preview you can view the date and time the message is scheduled to be sent as well as the body of the message.

Email History

The Email History listing houses all email messages, including those that are sent, saved during composition, and those that were sent for approval but were rejected.

Click Emails > History to view your email messages.

The screen is divided into three sections; the menu, the email list, and the preview. All of your existing emails are visible in the listing by default, and you can use the colour-coded menu to filter by email status.



Filter and Search

You can filter saved messages using the tabs in the menu on the left of the listing. These filters are based on the status of your email message:

All EmailsThis filter contains all the email messages on your account.
ComposingEmails saved during the composing process.
ScheduledComposing is complete, these emails are scheduled to go out at a future date.
SendingEmails currently being sent.
PausedEmails are available here when you pause them during the sending process.
SentOnce emails have been sent, you can find them here.

You can also search for the message by subject or campaign name using the search function.

To search by campaign name:

  1. Click the Search field at the top of the email listing.
  2. Type the message subject into the text field
  3. Hit Enter to return results.



Click the message's subject to view a preview of the message and an overview of the reports for the email. You can see message properties, From and Reply to fields, lists the email was sent to, report summary, quick links and overall message design in the preview. The report overview is summarised in table form and shows the statistics for total messages sent and message activity.


You can use the quick links to access detailed reporting, share the report, recreate the message, create a template, or resend the message to a single contact for the selected email message.



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