Step 3: Select Lists

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In this step you can define which lists to send your message to, as well as segment your lists for deeper reporting. Check the checkbox next to a list's name to select it. You can choose multiple lists.


List Filters

Click Apply Filter to open the filters table. All the message filters you have created will be listed here. You can apply a filter to your list by clicking the radio button next to the filter name. You can also see the filter properties by clicking  the Properties button. Remove the filter by clicking Clear.



Import Filters

You can filter your lists using basic filters - filters you've created - or Import filters. Import filters are automatically created whenever you import contacts into the system. If you are using a single list to house all your contacts, you can send to specific segments based on the import using this function.

Create Filter

You can create a new filter by clicking the plus icon above the filters list. A Create Filter modal will allow you to create a filter right there. Enter the Name and Description, select the Filter Condition then click Save. You can now apply the new filter by selecting it from the list of available filters. Should you need to set more conditions, click Advanced Filters. This will take you to the Filters page where you can create a filter with all the conditions you need.

Number of Recipients

When you select lists, the system will show a quick count of the number of recipients in your selected list/s.


This quick count is an approximate number and isn't 100% accurate. If you want a more accurate number, click the refresh icon next to the estimated number. It may take a few moments to update the number because the system must query your database and count all the recipients in your chosen lists, taking filters into account. You may find that the total number of recipients is lower than the total number of contacts in your selected lists. This can be caused by two things:

  • A single contact may exist in more than one list.
  • You might have SMS contacts and email contacts in one list. If you're composing an SMS, the email contacts won't be counted as recipients.
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