Email Content Report


The email content report is a great place for you to get detailed information about how your recipients interacted with the content of each email.

This report contains a link heat map, which helps you identify efficient email layout, and a link performance report where you can compare link performance within your email. You can access detailed reports for your message by clicking Email > History.

Follow these steps to access Link performance reports:

  1. Click the campaign name of your message.
  2. Click the Detailed button in the preview panel.
  3. Click Content to access detailed reporting.


The Heat Map

Heat maps are designed to help you identify efficient email layout. If you experiment with link placement in your emails, you’ll have an idea of where they work best. You can view the most popular links in your email at a glance with a visual representation of clicks per hyperlink.

When link tracking is enabled, you can track which links were clicked on in an email message and this is represented visually in a heat map. Heat maps are useful for seeing which of your call-to-action links are more popular.

The heat map report shows you a preview of your email message, with a colour overlay on all the links. The more popular ('hotter') the link is, the redder the colour. Cooler blue colours show the links that were least clicked on.


The Link Performance Report

In the link performance report, you can view a comparison of all links contained in your message as well as the top performers. Click the Links tab in the email content report to view the link performance report.


This report has an interactive graph that shows clicks in the email over time. You can zoom in on a specific time-frame by dragging the sliders above the scroll bar. You can also hover your mouse over the graph for a detailed breakdown of the click statistics at that specific time.

The table on the links screen shows which links were clicked, ranked from the most clicked to the least clicked. You can export this table by clicking Export. The following statistics are available below the graph on the links screen:

CTORThis is the Click-To-Open-Rate. This shows how many recipients opened your email to then click a link within the email.
Unique OpensThe number of unique opens recorded on the message. Unique opens are counted once per contact who opens the message.
Total OpensThe total number of times the email was opened. This includes multiple opens by a single contact.
First ClicksThe first time each recipient clicks the message.
Total ClicksThe total number of times links in the email were clicked. This includes multiple clicks by a single contact.
Best TimeThe time of day when your email received the most clicks.
Best DayThe day on which your email received the most clicks.

The lower bar gives more information on links in the email.

  • URL: A list of links in the email.
  • Unique Clicks: The first click a recipient makes on a link within the mail.
  • Recipients: The number of unique recipients who clicked on a link. Recipients are counted once per contact.
  • Actions: The total number of clicks on the link.
  • Activity: The date of the last click on the link.
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