Email Overview Report


Once you've sent an email to your contacts, you can use this report to see how people in your list engage with your email. This report gives details about how many people read your email, when they read it, and how many shared it with their social networks.

Industry averages, shown below each statistic, give you an idea of how well your email performed compared to others in your industry. New features, such as the Best time statistic, give you valuable insight into when your contacts are most likely to read your message and allow you to tailor your sending to fit your audience's preference.

What Am I Looking At?

This is an example of the overview. Statistics are grouped into cards to help you understand contact engagement at a glance. We'll take a closer look at these statistics in the next section.


Message Details

Below the message title is a Message Details drop-down link. You can click on this link to see basic details about when you created and sent the message, as well as the email addresses you used as the 'From' and 'Reply-to' addresses. This section also shows a list of any attachments or embedded images that you may have included with your  email.

Basic Statistics

These represent the basics such as how many people opened your message, how many clicked links in the message, and how many of the contacts in your list bounced. These statistics are based on unique clicks, e.g. 'Opened' only counts one open per contact, even if that contact opened the message more than once.

OpenedThe number of times contacts opened your message.
ClickedThe number of link clicks your message received.
SocialThe number of contacts who shared the message on a social media platform.
UnsubscribedThe number of people who clicked the unsubscribe link in this message and unsubscribed from the list.
SentThe number of contacts your message was sent to.
BouncedReflects the total number of bounces recorded. A bounce indicates an undeliverable mail.
DeliveredThe number of messages sent successfully from the server.


Advanced Statistics

These statistics are derived from the basic statistics and give you powerful opportunities to refine and target your email campaigns.

Click-to-openThe number of people who opened the message and also clicked a link within the message.
List interactionHow many contacts in your list interact with all your messages over a three-month period.
Best timeReflects the day and hour that your message performed the best.
SMS on BounceIf you have SMS on Bounce activated, this will show the ratio of the number of contacts whose mailboxes returned hard bounces to the total number of contacts we sent the bounce SMS to.


Social Statistics

The social sharing card shows how many times your contacts shared your message on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These statistics are only counted if the contact uses the social sharing links within the message. Social sharing numbers are typically very low, so don't stress if your numbers aren't high.


Knowing how your contacts read your messages makes it easier for you to design messages that will look good on their devices. This card shows which devices your contacts used to read your message, and is divided into Desktop, Web and Mobile.

Top City

The Top City card shows you where your most engaged readers are located. It also shows how many times your message was read in that city.

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