Email SMS on Bounce Report


If you have SMS on Bounce activated, the system will automatically SMS contacts when their email addresses bounce. This SMS will request an updated email address.

If the contact responds with their correct address, the system will automatically update the customer's details with the correct address. Your contact must have a valid mobile phone number for SMS on Bounce to work. You must also have SMS credits available, this validation costs two SMS credits.

Enabling SMS On Bounce

If you'd like to enable SMS on Bounce on your account, please contact support.

SMS On Bounce Report

You can access detailed reports for your message by clicking Email > History. Follow these steps to access the SMS on Bounce report:

  1. Click the campaign name of your message.
  2. Click the Detailed Report button in the Preview panel.
  3. Click Mobile under the campaign icon.
  4. Click Bounces to access detailed reporting.


This report is a table made up of the following fields:

RecipientThe name of the recipient whose email address bounced.
EmailThe email address that bounced when this message was sent.
MobileThe contact's mobile phone number.
DateThe date that the bounce SMS was sent.
Sent MessageThe text of the SMS that was sent to the contact.
ReplyThe text of the reply sent from the contact.
UpdatedA tick or a cross which indicates whether or not the contact's email address was updated.


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