Adding Contacts to an Existing List

If you have new contacts who you would like to add to an existing list, you can do so by following these steps:

Step 1: Prepare your contacts

You should always clean up your contact data before importing it into the system. While the system will automatically remove duplicates and generic addresses, such as "info@" or "help@", the import will go a lot smoother if you make sure each field has its own column, each contact's details are in their own row, and incorrect email addresses are corrected before importing.

Step 2: Select Import Type

To start importing contacts, go to Contacts > Import and then click New Import.

Click Select under the icon for the source of your import.

Step 3: Allocate the Correct Fields to Your Data

In this step, you tell Everlytic which field it must apply to each column of your data. The system will display a small sample of contacts so that you can allocate the correct fields to the data. A column will be excluded from the import until you allocate the correct field to it.


Step 4: Set the List Options

You can add your contacts to an existing list by checking the checkbox next to that list's name in the table.

Step 5: Confirm and Start Importing

Check the checkbox to confirm that your list is permission based, and then review the import settings. If you notice any errors, you can return to a previous step by clicking on the icon of the step at the top of the Import screen.

The import will be processed in the background, so you can carry on to creating an email. Once your import is complete, you will receive an Import Report via email.

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