Guide to Increasing ROI With Engagement Reporting

Email marketing is the granddaddy of digital marketing, and it still consistently delivers the best ROI of any digital marketing channel. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in Europe, the ROI for email is 3800%. You read that right. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38.

Those kinds of returns don’t happen automatically though, and if you aren’t seeing enough of an ROI from your email marketing Campaigns, you might need to spend some time looking at how your contacts are engaging with your emails. Everlytic’s email reports give you deep insight to help you improve engagement and boost ROI.


The first thing you’ll want to know is whether or not your contacts are actually reading your emails or deleting them unopened. This is crucial because it tells you two very important pieces of information about your subscribers:

  1. Are they interested in your content, and
  2. Are they responding to your subject line?

Everlytic’s email reports provide three statistics which give you valuable insight into how interested your contacts are in your subject line and the content of your email. Let’s look at each one in detail below.


Your most engaged subscribers are those who are clicking links in your emails to open external content. These contacts were enticed by your subject line and interested in your content.


A very low click-to-open (CTO) rate is a good indication that you need to put more thought into your subject line (to get subscribers to open the email), and into the Call to Action (to encourage subscribers to click the links).

Keep in mind that the CTO rate is normally fairly low any way. Compare your CTO with the industry average (provided below the graph) to see if you’re doing well, or if there’s room for improvement.

You can see who clicked links in an email by opening the Recipients report. The Clicks graph shows you the percent of recipients who clicked links within your email, as well as the date and time that they clicked the link. Below the graph is a table of all the contacts who clicked links in the email.

Open, No Click

These subscribers are interested enough in what you have to say that they’re opening your emails. Unfortunately you’re losing them before they click your CTAs. These are the fish who nibbled, but didn’t take the bait.

These subscribers may also be opening your mail based on the subject line, but leaving before reading the content. You should spend some time refining your content to try and increase your CTO, converting your opening subscribers, to clicking subscribers. The following image shows an email with a very high open rate, but a comparatively low click rate.


Did Not Open

These are the subscribers who deleted your email without reading it. While we don’t have a specific stat for these contacts, you can easily work out the percentage of users who didn’t open by subtracting those who did from 100%.

These subscribers signed up for your mailing list, so they have some interest in your company, but your newsletter hasn’t lured them in yet.

In most cases, this will be the greatest percentage of your subscribers. As such, you stand to make the greatest gains here. Use Everlytic’s A/B Split Testing tools to experiment with subject lines and preview text to see what gets your audience to open your emails. This is an important step to improving ROI, and you can’t see great gains unless you start here.

Learn more about A/B Split Testing.

Viewing Environment

There is a bewildering array of email clients out there, and each one will have its own special way to make your email look bad. You can’t possibly design your email to look perfect on every single email client, there are simply too many of them, but what you can to is target the clients your customers are using.

Everlytic’s overview report shows you which devices your contacts are using to view your emails. If you don’t have the time or budget to develop responsive email to display properly on mobile devices you should keep a close eye on the devices your contacts are using. If more than half of your readers are shown to be using a mobile device on this report, it is time to develop a responsive email template for mobile.

The Platforms report provides another way to use the viewing environment data. You can see which email clients your subscribers use the most, and tailor your email designs to those clients to make sure that the majority of your subscribers see optimal versions of your emails.

Link Activity

Link activity takes you beyond simple click tracking, and shows you exactly how your contacts interact with your emails. Heat maps show you what interests your audience most within the email. Do they click more on buttons, images, or text links? Heat maps will tell you. They will also show you where in your email most of your subscribers are clicking links; are you catching their attention right up at the top with a bright image and big button, or are they reading more text before clicking a CTA further down the email? This info is invaluable, and helps you to make sure you are catering your email to your subscriber’s preferences.

Heat Maps

Everlytic’s Heat map shows you which links are receiving more clicks, with the most-clicked areas of your email having the brightest highlights.

Link Clicks

Our Links report shows in-depth statistics for every subscriber link click in your email. A graph shows the total number of link clicks by date and time, while the table below gives a breakdown, per link, of details such as how many unique clicks the link received, and what percentage of the click-to-open-rate that link received (as a percentage of all the clicks on all the links in the email).

Location Reporting

Knowing where a contact lives is seriously powerful information. Sea food sale in your Cape Town branch? If you send an email advertising it to your readers throughout the country you’re going to have a lot of frustrated contacts. Refining your campaigns to your contact’s locations will give you a great advantage in targeting your subscribers to increase your ROI.

Individual Tables

Each of the reports available to you in the Everlyic Email Reports section gives you a wealth of information in the individual tables below the graphs. Here you can drill down into your subscriber’s engagement statistics in very fine detail. You can also export these tables to Excel, so that you can impress your boss with great insights.

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