This version of the release contains the following updates:


Product Updates

  • Attachments are now live for Landing Pages.
  • Detailed Reports are now available for Landing Pages:
    • Overview report shows total visits and total clicks.
    • Overview report shows stats for Day, Week, Month, and Year.
    • Stats history will display for all previously published landing pages.
  • Landing pages ‘Classic Composition’ page re-skinned.
  • Transactional callbacks can now filter by date.
  • API now accepts JSON charsets
  • Minor adjustments made to email Builder.

Bugs Zapped

  • Fixed issue where subscription forms with mobile numbers and no email address, erased the existing contact’s email address.
    • Subscription now subscribes user for both email and mobile.
  • Fixed issue on subscription forms ‘Form Settings’ page when redirecting to a landing page.
  • Fixed bug where deleting lists also deleted custom fields.
  • Fixed issue where an unspecified gender on a subscription form caused an error.
  • Fixed issue with Geo-location stats.
  • Fixed A/B Split Test ‘Test Overview’ page where a winner displays for a list split 50/50.
  • Updated A/B Split Test Campaign Overview stats page.
  • Fixed issue with heatmaps.
  • Fixed issue where Landing Pages did not save when using Classic composition method.
  • Fixed issue with SMS detailed reports link.