This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Update

  • Country codes have been updated on backend.
    • Dropdown will be added, so users can select the country instead of typing it in.
  • Social posts now generate thumbnail before posting to social media platforms.
  • Interface icons updated to look better on Safari.


  • Filters > Contact Activity > Contact has been updated:
    • Selecting a message now opens a modal.
    • You can search and filter for specific messages within the modal.
    • Filters by lists, message types and messages sent.
    • A counter displays how many messages have been selected for the filter.
    • Tool tip also displays a full list of the selected messages.


  • SMS composition footer now changes character counter depending on the language of the user.
  • SMSes now support more special characters and symbols.


  • A/B Split test has been reskinned.
    • Sent messages in Listing page now displays both A and B messages with statistics for each.

Bugs Zapped

  • Fixed issue on Standard Campaigns to add messages to the campaign on smaller screen resolutions.
  • Errors on SMS Reports properties page have been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where Standard Campaign messages were set to Paused after adding a message, when there is no pause status.
  • Share report modal on SMS now fixed.
  • Editing an existing Standard Campaign now displays “Save” instead of “Create Campaign.”
  • Create Drip Campaign descriptions updated.
  • Fixed spacing issue on Drip Campaign, List Selection screen.
  • Apply Filter button on Drip Campaign, List Selection screen has been fixed.
  • Unsubscribe percentage on Drip Campaign preview now calculates correctly.
  • Selected messages on Filters > Message Activity now appear correctly.