This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • SMS campaign name has been added to Delivery Options heading.


  • Restricted sending times have been added to all Drip Campaign options:
    • Anniversary/Birthday.
    • Once-off Start Date.
  • Restricted sending times are now set to 07:00 and 19:00 by default.


  • Import reports now display the same headings on both email and on the system.

Bugs Zapped

  • Message report calculations for Platforms have been fixed.
  • SMSes on Drip Campaigns can now be sent even when email status is bounced.
  • Creating a new Drip Campaign no longer redirects to Standard Campaign.
  • Drip Campaign now correctly shows the campaign name on the first step.
  • A/B Campaigns no longer gives an error after selecting a list.
  • Personalisation preview tests now work on A/B Campaigns.
  • The interval modal for Manage Drip Campaign has been fixed.
  • Duplicate filters now work correctly.
  • Toolbar loading icon has been fixed.
  • Import name now correct displays person who imported and not logged in user.
  • ListSubscriber API Call now works correctly.
  • Drip campaign page alignment has been corrected.
  • Standard Campaign now saves correctly when using Recreate Message.
  • Template API call no longer causes an error when no data is posted.
    • System now validates empty requests before processing the API request.