This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Update

  • A Done button is added to the Add Attachments modal.


  • In Standard Campaign, you can remove messages from the Manage Campaign modal.
  • A/B Message Settings restyled. Composition method will follow previous steps.
  • Drip campagin checks message types for subscribers’ contact details. Campaign with both email and SMS messages will not send to contacts who do not have both.


  • Templates show the user ID and edit date for all transactional templates.

Bugs Zapped

  • Contact Tab on list reports no longer breaks.
  • A check is now in place for invalid mobile numbers.
  • The disappearing text for Update My Profile has been fixed.
  • You search by ID on Standard Campaigns.
  • Clicking the arrows on Standard Campaign modal for pagination, no longer breaks the modal.
  • Edit button on the divider line does not open the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Fixed error where Contacts Total stat in Imports listing, overflows onto other tabs.