This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Email thumbnails now update on save.
  • Fixed padding issues on email properties page.
  • New style applied to dropdown form fields.
  • A/B Split Test contacts randomized better for testing period.

Landing Pages

  • Landing pages now have pagination.
  • Landing page access rights now display the correct permissions.
  • Help modals have been added to landing page composition steps.


  • Transactional mail now displays the time a message was opened.

Bugs Zapped

  • A/B Split Test schedule time picker has been fixed.
  • A/B Split Test correctly displays the progress bar for both testing messages.
  • A/B Split Test list split numbers now consistent between list split and confirmation page.
  • Standard Campaign message management modal fixed.
  • Save button on email composition now works correctly.
  • Coder composition for Transactional templates has been fixed.
  • Tool tip now displays correctly in template selection for landing pages.
  • Landing page listing now displays the correct count.
  • Tool tips on Landing pages now display correctly.
  • Tool tip now displays correctly when adding an attachment in message composition.
  • Basic and Import filters now display correctly on all confirmation screens.
  • Fixed validation of Reply-to textbox in Drip campaign email properties.