This version of the release contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • The Builder now supports dynamic button colours:
    • You can change the colour of an individual button.
    • You can also change the colour of the button text.
  • Added Preheader Text/Inbox Preview Text to the email properties step:
    • Inbox Preview Text is a short summary of an email, displayed after the subject line when the email is viewed in the inbox.
    • The average email client displays approximately 75 characters.
  • We now support FTPS on imports, a more secure form of FTP import.

Bugs Zapped

  • Fixed issue with attachments sending to wrong customer when using Re-create button.
  • Fixed issue with transactionals failing due to quota.
    • Once quota is updated, system can now resend the failed transactionals.
  • Fixed display issue on SMS share reports.
  • Fixed issue with HTTPS causing an infinite loop when routing users.
  • Share report modal now works on all pages including:
    • Email listing
    • SMS listing
    • Email detailed report
    • SMS detailed report
  • Fixed issue when selecting a filter on message activity not saving the filter when selecting “cancelled” messages.
  • Fixed issue with import report changing name of .csv file.