This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Update

  • The system now checks the Transactional quota.
    • The system now sends quota notifications to relevant users.
  • Improved Workflows listing/history page:
    • Included statuses: Saved, Paused, Active
    • Now displays workflow details including:
      • Lists used
      • Type of trigger
      • Sending times
      • Launch date
  • Import via URL now works with personalisation field: {{components.short_date}}
  • The properties for Workflow email reports, now display correct details for each individual message.

Bugs Zapped

  • Fixed issue when deleting a custom field that is in use.
  • Fixed issue with Outlook user agent being processed incorrectly.
  • Fixed pagination issue when filtering a list’s message activity report by date.
  • Fixed issue with preheader text breaking on larger mails.
    • The system has been optimised to handle preheaders for large emails.
  • Fixed issue with A/B Split test sending winning message to incorrect contacts.
  • Fixed sending issue where the same contacts were sent the same email multiple times.