This week’s release includes the following updates to the system:

New Features

  • Improved and simplified the templates-selection page
  • Improved the responsiveness of email footers
  • Added go-to actions in workflows, so subscribers can be directed to another node once they reach the end of a workflow branch
  • Added a toggle to Delivery Options to remove duplicate email addresses in bulk sends, so every email account only receives the mail once, even if many contacts share the address


Bugs Zapped

  • Intermittent issue where SMS-delivery stats weren’t being recorded correctly (e.g.: unknown deliveries)
  • Account-log CSV-export data inconsistencies
  • Dynamic drop zones in the landing page builder that didn’t work when dragging into Builder from left panel
  • Email reports print-PDF link showed a blank page
  • Custom-field creation for lists or multi-values weren’t saving correctly when there were a lot of fields
  • Links in posts to social media were blank