The following updates have been made to the system and will be live in the version 6.11.3 release.

Email Reports

  • A list of message attachments is now available for emails that have attachments.
  • If an email has embedded images, the message details will show that this option is selected.
  • Platforms report has been simplified – Web and mobile clients rolled up into a more concise list.
  • SMS on Bounce Logging & Report.
  • We will not be using the Engagement Score metric. All instances have been removed from the product.


  • Create API function for retrieving messages by list.
  • Global suppression: Nexus API.
  • Unsubscribed customers remain ‘off’ when lists are re-imported.
  • Remove social sharing for re-sellers if Enable Branding is disabled.
  • When a contact updates their profile, the customer will be notified.
  • Write API call for Liquorice so that they can retrieve a list of all emails sent to a specific list.
  • Write API call to create a customer.
  • Upgrade & Top-up workflow changed.

Bugs Zapped

  • Spam score zero.
  • Import Notices.
  • Public name for lists not being used in ‘Update My Profile’.
  • Share links – embedded images causing blank page.
  • Location reports, Google and large data.
  • Recreate Message Social Options.
  • Issue with subject lines breaking.
  • Link changed on enterprise template.
  • Deleting an applied filter does not throw an exception.
  • Old Getting Started video removed from the dashboard.