Version 6.18 of the system includes the following updates:

Message Composition

  • Multi-part SMS.
  • Image manager on Coder.
  • Content Delivery Network phase 2.
  • Delivery options updated to new designs.
  • Message composition copy changes & UX improvements.

Message Reports

Updated the design of message properties in reports


  • Campaign builder.
  • Campaign listing.
  • Campaign reports.
  • Campaign sending.
  • Standard campaigns option on Email composition.
  • Campaigns sending stats.

Other Improvements

  • First phase queuing.
  • Contact subscribe & unsubscribe raw processing.
  • Custom field column limit.
  • Transactional sending speed improvements.
  • Default message thumbnail.
  • Update my profile description text added.
  • Increase file size limit – Imports & Upload from ZIP.
  • Account manager field under enterprise properties.
  • Everlytic API change to authentication component.
  • Lists default to ‘Private’.

Bugs Zapped

  • Info button under contact rating error.
  • Recreate breaking HTML.
  • An orange block appears on the new imports wizard.
  • Custom field fixes.
  • Spam score tool.
  • Transactional reports – delivered.
  • Transactional filter bugs.
  • Re-sending of confirmation from the contacts interface does not send the email.
  • Subscription confirmation emails display lists that are not unconfirmed.
  • Subscription form not updating existing contacts.
  • Images broken on Settings>Integrations.
  • Error page on SMS reports in Regal after clicking Previous Message link.
  • Can delete a list even though a message was sent to it.
  • CDN icon images on triggered events log.
  • List un-editable once list user is deleted.
  • Report share link broken.
  • Search button transactional gives error page.
  • Deleted custom fields breaking filters.
  • Gender and country dropdown lists in Spanish not working.
  • Message approval update date.
  • Contacts operations bug.
  • Undefined index on log in failure.
  • Tabs on detailed reports fails for drip messages.
  • Bounce bugs.
  • Autoresponders bugs.
  • Drip campaign delivery options.
  • Turning contact off when resending confirmation.