This update to the system contains the following changes:

Email Composition

  • Builder personalisation options mirror classic personalisation.
  • Afrikaans language option added to templates.
  • Improvements to fetching message from URL.
  • Import from ZIP folder checker and error message.

Drip Campaigns

  • Drip Campaign message canvas styling updated.
  • Drip campaign start node and properties styling improved.
  • SMS to Drip function added.

Other Updates

  • Public interface designs improved, made responsive.

Bugs Zapped

  • Email composition long text line break not working.
  • Delivered percentage on email reports wrong when the number of failed messages is greater than zero.
  • ‘Reply to’ options not saving correctly on Drip Campaigns.
  • Builder: Link image box jumps in Chrome.
  • Importing using Excel generates large quantities of notices.
  • Can’t edit first message in a drip campaign.
  • Buttons not translating.
  • Drip campaign sending history is being deleted.