This version of the system contains the following updates:


  • Import fields ordered alphabetically
  • When creating a list during import, you can now add the following fields:
    • List Name
    • List Group
    • Owner Name
    • Owner Email
  • Added ‘Import by contact ID’ to importer and database.
  • Imports filters only show when selecting lists.

Other Changes

  • CKEditor upgraded
  • Share reports for transactional mail.

Bugs Zapped

  • Cancel button causing SMSes to be double billed.
  • Connection not restoring on Chrome.
  • Notification email exception on batch email sending stops all email sending.
  • Message history on contact report wrong.
  • Drip campaign messages not going out at the specified times.
  • Double opt-in not working.
  • Scheduled FTP imports failed.
  • No lists showing when selecting “all lists” in trigger setup.
  • In SMS listing, a failed message has the same icon as a sent message.
  • Bounce processing error.
  • Remove hyphenation on builder templates.
  • Global bounce setting amendments.
  • Can’t add role-based suppression on enterprise suppression.