Version 7.2.3 of the system contains the following updates:

Message Composition

  • New templates imported.
  • Change thumbnail generation sequence to generate on confirmation.
  • Creates a Save button on the email builder.
  • Created confirmation dialogue when import URL is filled and user clicks ‘Continue’.
  • Change SMS year from 1970 to 2014.

Other Improvements

  • Created a filter to show only saved emails or saved messages depending on whether or not the user clicked “Saved SMS” or “Saved Email”
  • Updating list counts.
  • Transactional quota running out.
  • Imported list contact information deleted after two weeks.

Bugs Zapped

  • Message confirmation thumbnail in responsive view.
  • List creation error updated.
  • Translation corrections.
  • Message recreate bug.
  • Account log numbers not balancing.
  • Subscription notification trigger using deprecated handler.
  • Total email contacts being reported as total SMS contacts as well.
  • Sender guide: Search & translate buttons overlapping.
  • Image height on builder.
  • Import bugs.
  • Account logs don’t take the full last day selected into consideration.
  • Global suppression error.
  • API Preview failing if set to fetch from URL at send.
  • Counting deleted lists.
  • SMS menu still shows when user doesn’t have SMS rights.
  • Message preparation breaking because of social posting..
  • Import history tabs not working.
  • Help button in help dropdown is a button, not a link.
  • Some mobile contacts import as “Off”.