This version of the system contains the following updates:


  • In-browser preview improved on the following:
    • inbox test.
    • compatibility preview.
    • Spam Score .
  • Thumbnails now generated in queue to make email creation faster.
    • In case of no thumbnail, a default thumbnail will be generated. This includes AB Campaigns.
  • In the Builder, if a user has created their own custom template, the custom section will display during template selection.
  • Drip campaign issues resolved:
    • Delay in messages to be delivered.
    • Reports now register opens and link clicks.
    • SMS tooltip corrected.
    • Correct SMS report generating.


  • Ability to send Test Messages during normal composition implemented
  • Preview thumbnail of final step in Message Composition working
  • Custom Link tracking enabled on message properties for Reports


  • Customers can now use Australian phone code. (Not sure on this one)

Bugs Zapped

  • Transactional reports can now be filtered by date
  • Contact Export fixed
  • Between filter now works correctly
  • Testing a filter now displays the number of recipients
  • Caching issues related to Style Guide resolved.