This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Access rights have been altered with the following (email and SMS):
    • Users with creation rights can’t send messages. The final step will now say “Confirm” instead of “Send”.
    • Only users with editing rights can send messages.
    • The wording in User and Access Rights  has been changed to Add and  Edit.
  • Importing a Multi-value custom field has been updated with the following:
    • Users can now enter values: True, Yes or 1 for multi-value fields.
    • Import cell (from file) with comma-separated values, imports each value. You no longer have to make a separate column for each entry.
    • Drop-downs during import now include both custom and multi-value fields.
    • In the drop-down during import, the custom field group name now appears at the top, with each value within the group indented below in alphabetical order.

[su_note note_color=”#66c5ff”]You can learn more about multi-value custom fields in our Custom Fields guide.[/su_note]

  • List selection on email history has been re-skinned:
    • A “cancelled” state has been included but is only visible if there are any cancelled messages.
    • You can now select all using the checkbox next to Message.
    • Preview thumbnail is now responsive.
    • A new “composed with” item has been included on the right next to the preview thumbnail. It states which composition tool was used for the selected email.
    • The magnifying glass in the search bar is now clickable.

Bugs Zapped

  • The subscription form no longer gives the error “Page doesn’t exist” if the user is already subscribed to a list.
  • Clicking the new button on subscription forms no longer shows brief “page not found” message.
  • Sending a preview message with an email address containing “+” sign now works.
  • Share report in email history no longer shows send button on Copy Link tab.
  • Share reports modal errors fixed.