This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Email messages greater than 350KB will now have a warning notification:
    • The warning message will be displayed on the confirmation screen.
    • A warning icon will appear on the message being sent.
    • The same message from the confirmation page will also appear in the preview.


  • The Manage Drip campaign screen now caters for SMS messages:
    • The preview displays SMS messages on a phone graphic.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries added to drip campaigns.
    • Added to the Sending options.
    • Can select between setting a date to trigger the campaign, or using the contact’s birth date.
    • Able to send to either all contacts (new and existing), or only new subscribers.
  • Standard Campaign reports have been divided to incorporate both Email and SMS reports.


  • Import process now checks if the first row contains field names:
    • Applied to file upload, copy/paste, and upload from server.
    • Import will also include a dynamically generated .CSV file for download.
      • .CSV file will include standard contact fields and custom fields.


  • You can now set up triggers on SMS for unsubscribes.


  • The preview thumbnail in email confirmation has been updated to display the preview icon when hovering over the image.


  • Transactional emails have been improved with the following:
    • SMTP facade now allows for CC and BCC.
    • System can now deal with multiple recipients correctly.
  • Can now use the list_subscription API call to get a contact’s unique ID.
  • Authentication for SMTP transactionals can now be authenticated using user_transactions_username as well as user_username fields.

Bugs Zapped

  • Contacts getting stuck in drip campaigns error has been resolved.
  • Campaign creation options that were misaligned now fixed.
  • Message progress notification regarding a send now goes out when messages start sending instead of after they are done sending.
  • When creating custom fields, adding multi-value custom fields before adding regular custom fields no longer causes the page to hang or return a save error.
  • Translation issues resolved.
  • Message subject line personalisation no longer gets HTML encoded.
  • Duplicate unique IDs during import, no longer showing as an error on the incorrect section of listing page.
  • SMS credit estimation no longer doubles when unsubscribe is selected in the conformation page.
  • Dashboard no longer breaks (is responsive) when browser is resized.
  • The dates on “Send share reports” for scheduled messages now works correctly.
  • Double URL encoding links resolved.
  • Long text no longer overflows into the rest of the product on email report page.
  • Long text no longer overflows into the rest of the product on SMS history listing.
  • Adding a duplicated field when creating a subscription form, now allows you to delete the duplicate.
  • SMS listing page no longer breaks when browser is resized.
  • Incorrect validation message on drip campaigns no longer displays when “Start Campaign On” is not selected.
  • Header styles for the Builder, Classic, SMS and Campaigns now fixed to have the same styling.