This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • One-time events are now part of Drip campaigns and no longer on their own.
  • It is now possible to edit a scheduled message.

Drip Campaign

  • Drip campaign Sending Options page re-skinned:
    • Subscribe drop-down menu renamed to Subscription Event.
    • Anniversary option renamed to Anniversary or Birthday.
    • Once-off Start Date included to campaign options.
    • Restriction times have been added to once-off start dates.
      • A warning will appear when restricted sending times conflict with trigger dates and time.
  • The list filter has been updated:
    • ” ~ ” indicator has been included to display the estimated number of contacts on the list.
      • This name has been changed to Existing Contacts.
    • Displays the number for both SMS and email.


  • An API switch has been built to remove any CC’s included in a received transactional mail.
    • Switch is available in Customer Profile > Name > Settings > Transactional

Bugs Zapped

  • Drip campaign minor visual update where text was wrapping incorrectly.
  • Filtering Standard campaign listing by status (composing/active/paused) now works.
  • Standard campaign changes:
    • Icon resized to correct sizes on campaign reports.
    • Icon colours on campaign listing changed to correctly match icons on campaign reports.
    • Spelling corrected.
    • Drop-down on the export button removed.
  • PHPExcel errors are now caught to prevent import issues.
  • The alignment for the notification bar when confirming unsubscribes has been fixed.
  • Email addresses have now been truncated for all email lines (From, Reply-To, etc) to incorporate personalisation.
  • The button to remove an import filter was missing and has been restored.
  • Import correctly auto-maps email and mobile.
  • When nothing is imported, the confirmation screen now displays correctly that 0 contacts were imported.