This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Update


  • Import process update:
    • Upload File and Copy & Paste have been split into two separate functions.
    • A wizard section has been added to the second step of the Upload and Copy&Paste import processes.


  • Two new filters have been added in Message Activity > Return Contacts:
    • Has been sent but not read.
    • Has been sent but not clicked.
  • Filters have been re-ordered to the following:
    • has not read.
    • has read but has not clicked.
    • has clicked.
    • has not clicked.
    • has been sent.
    • has not been sent.
    • has been sent but has not read.
    • has been sent but has not clicked.

Bugs Zapped

  • Standard Campaign wizard fixed to display the correct steps.
  • When contact mobile is incorrect, a validation error message now displays.
  • Email footer spacing now works correctly between “email was sent to” and the email address.
  • Builder sections are now translating correctly.
  • Drip campaign Copy Link page in Share reports, no longer has a send button.
  • Login in Timeout modal/dialog no longer repeats labels.
    • Logging in now closes the modal and unlocks the product.
  • The “Forgot your password” link now works properly across all installs.
  • The “more details” dialog no longer breaks on 1024×768 screen resolution.