This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Share reports update:
    • Share reports without data exported now last 6 months.
    • Share reports with data exported will last for 3 month. Afterwards, it will become a share report with data off and last another 3 months.
    • This is applied to email, SMS, and campaigns.
  • Email listing slow sending icon updated:
    • Icon now displays as an exclamation mark.
    • Icon now appears under the status column and next to the status icon.
    • Tool tip still as is.
    • Slow sending icon will also appear if a message has a dynamic attachment.


  • Personalisation modal has been updated:
    • Design now slides across rather than drops down.
    • Fallback options also added to modal.


  • The final import screen after clicking “Start Import” has been updated:
    • Progress bar has been removed.
    • Three buttons have been added:
      • Import History – directs you import history page
      • Lists – directs you to the list page
      • Contacts – direct you to the contacts page.
    • Import text changed according to size of the import:
      • Small import – “Import has started.”
      • Big imports – “Import has been added to the queue.”
      • Scheduled Imports – “Import has been scheduled.”


  • Transactionals can now be personalised.

Bugs Zapped

  • Best day to send reports text translated correctly for Spanish users.
  • Campaign share report no longer gives an error when sharing a report with no data.
  • On Message Properties, the personlisation button now displays correctly when bringing focus back to the input fields. This occurred after the personalisation modal was closed.