This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates


  • The Last Name field has been added to the Basic Filters tab.


  • Import now allows re-using previous import settings for Upload, Copy and Paste, and Import from URL.
    • Use when a new import has different data but the same fields.
    • Import from Service will still require manual field mapping.


  • The Send Log in Email History > Detailed Report > Recipients > Send Log now shows failures and reasons for the failure.
    • Failures will also show on the exported Send Log data.
  • Custom Fields are now in their own tab in Personalisation.


  • The Transactional Mail dashboard now shows new SMTP details under Transactional Email > Settings > SMTP credentials
    • Previous details will still work but new users will have to use new SMTP facade details.
  • A new API call will now allow you to export subscriber statuses.

Subscription Forms

  • Subscription form fields are now validated:
    • Letters cannot be used in number fields
    • The form will not send unless number fields have a maximum of 10 digits.

Bugs Zapped

  • Custom field names with the same name as system field names, now properly separates the two.
  • Padding (spacing) on Imports > Service Integration fixed.
  • Shared Report on Standard Campaigns now fixed.
  • Contacts with “duplicate unique id” error during Import now count towards fail total.
  • Subscribing a contact with no email will still not be subscribed until an email is provided.
  • User Menu styling fixed to be consistent.
  • Using SMS to Email from a Builder created email, no longer breaks.
  • Scrollbar no longer appears on Message Composition > Test
  • The Spam Test preview on Message Composition for the Builder, now works.