This version of the system has the following updates:

Product Updates

  • You can now search for contacts using Unique ID.


  • Drip campaigns now show sending time options on the Confirmation page.
    • Appears below the Restricted Sending section.


  • Autoresponder links have now been added to the Personalisation modal.
    • Links will only be available during personalisation on message composition.
  • The Personalisation slider has been included in all places that use the Personlisation modal
    • Personalisation added to Text composition method on the Classic composition tool.
    • Personalisation has been added on the following campaign properties:
      • Campaign name.
      • From name.
      • From email.
      • Reply email.
    • Personalisation has been added to the following campaign methods:
      • Drip Campaign.
      • A/B Split Test.
      • Standard Campaign.


  • Import listing page has been re-skinned and improved:
    • New import counters have been included:
      • New contacts.
      • Ignored Contacts.
      • Updated Contacts.
      • New List Subscriptions.
    • When a new import is completed, the amount of unconfirmed contacts imported into the list will be displayed.
      • A message will appear showing “New contacts are unconfirmed” and an icon.
    • Export button on Import History now drops down to show all export options.
    • “Export Contacts added” now changed to “Export New List Subscriptions.”
    • “Existing Contacts Added to Lists” changed to “New List Subscriptions.”
    • Scheduled imports show “importing” status under import name in Import History.
      • Progress icon will also reflect import progress.
    • The confirm button, when cancelling an import, now cancels the import and closes the modal.
  • Contact_unique_id has been removed from the example file excel sheet.
  • Empty list groups will no longer appear in the import List Selection page.