This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates


  • Emoji have been added to the WYSIWYG.
  • Builder Re-skinned:
    • Left coloumn icons and images re-styled.
    • Click and drag re-styled.
  • It is now possible to use previously sent emails as a template.
    • Will only display last 60 messages sent.
      • Messages include campaign messages and autoresponders.
    • All other properties from the original email will carry over.
    • Message subject and date will display on the template thumbnail.
    • Message composition method will display when hovering over the template thumbnail.
    • If you select a composition method different to the email’s original composition method, a modal will appear allowing you to change to the correct composition method.
  • Dynamic Attachment menu has been extended
    • Displays attachments as a list vertically.
    • Tooltip has been included to display the attachment’s full name.


  • Drip Campaign listing re-skinned:
    • Name Drip Campaign has been added to the menu button on the left.
    • Small icons in Campaign Listing now display tool tips when you hover over them.
    • Delete button now works.
      • Confirmation modal now appears when you click delete.
    • Default placeholder now appears when no thumbnail is generated.
    • Pause button background changed from orange to yellow.
    • New help modal included on page.
  • Drip Campaign confirmation page has been re-skinned to display any dynamic attachments.

Bugs Zapped

  • Drip campaign no longer breaks when the edit icon is clicked and then the back button is clicked, in campaign properties.
    • Clicking Detailed Reports no longer breaks when the back button is clicked.
    • Pause/Resume buttons fixed to work correctly.
    • Adding restricted sending times no longer gives an error in Campaign Listing.
    • Tooltip for message subject line has been moved to below the text.
  • Re-use FTP import settings now authenticate correctly.
  • Downloading the import example file now downloads correctly.
  • Google Maps now works correctly on Shared Reports.
  • Campaign ID bug when recreating email has been fixed.
  • Top bar in the View Online option has been removed.
    • Option can be changed in Customer Settings page.
    • Top bar will appear when you click on Invite a friend option.
  • The copy link button now works on the Share Message Report modal.
  • Email client counter for message opens has been fixed to display correctly.
    • Displays the platform the email was opened on e.g. Desktop, Web or Mobile.
  • Account logs no longer display the incorrect headings for the exported file.
  • Campaign name and message subject now display correctly during message composition steps, when creating an SMS as part of a Standard Campaign.
  • The percentage bar on Message Overview has been fixed to calculate correctly.
  • Contacts with no valid birthday no longer receive a birthday Campaign message.
  • The text version of emails now correctly tracks links when an email client does not support HTML.