Version 7.4 of the system contains the following updates:

A/B Split Testing

Version 7.4 includes the first phase of our new A/B Split Testing feature. This allows users to set up randomised tests to compare specific elements of two emails. Step-by-step instructions are available on our A/B Campaign page, and we have published an in-depth guide on how to effectively run A/B tests.

Email Builder

  • Alignment of buttons in the builder.
  • Swop builder and classic icons on email composition first step.


  • Transactional reporting: Link Click Summary.
  • Update my profile trigger defaults to all lists.
  • PDF-generated template design.

Bugs Zapped

  • Messages get stuck when users are deleted.
  • Timezone not correct on subscription confirmation.
  • List imports alignment.
  • Masking email addresses on public reports.
  • Filters on new contacts in a list.
  • Break-away composition does not keep campaign state.
  • Enterprise logo default to text.
  • Dashboard styling.
  • Alert styling on legacy UI.
  • Page heading and navigation CSS.
  • Switch customer enterprise bug.
  • New error message bugs.
  • Search not working in transactional.
  • Campaign type selection styling.
  • Campaign list selection page, view group button.
  • Advanced settings checkbox alignment.
  • Template image floats over labels.
  • Can’t backspace on builder test mail.