This version of the system contains the following updates:


  • Reskin and refactor UI in delivery options step of SMS creation.
  • Changed colours of deliveries and replies in SMS reports.
  • Added ‘Unknown’ section to delivery reports for messages we didn’t receive delivery reports for.
  • SMS staggering and rate-limiting implemented.


  • Transactional SMS authentication.
  • Update notification icons on Inbox Preview.

Bugs Zapped

  • Page heading colour on public pages makes text illegible.
  • Spacing in footer.
  • Changing button colour in builder doesn’t work.
  • Save button on ‘Forgot my password’ doesn’t work.
  • Missing tags on the email reports API component.
  • Builder causes unresponsive script.
  • No contact details under unsubscribes on SMS reports.
  • A/B Split Testing reports not working.
  • Preview modals not displaying correctly.
  • SMS composition: incorrect copy and spelling.
  • if SMS is disabled the navigation items should not show.
  • Mobile list contact counters not updated.
  • Enterprise template editor saving error.
  • Transactional navigation styling is bulk navigation styling under quota.
  • Composition type fails when creating message from template.
  • SMS reports: Replies contact reports link is broken.
  • Email queue manager test error.
  • Sidenav breaking on IE8.