The Everlytic Growth Journey

Use the Everlytic Growth Journey to learn how to create & send the best bulk messages possible – & then how to maximise them using personalisation & automation.



The dashboard provides insight into the performance of your email and SMS activity, comparing it to different periods of time.


Manage Contacts

Our system offers many powerful tools to manage your database contacts. This page shows you how to add contacts, view their information, understand their contact status and rating, as well as how to pull contact reports.


Contact Manager (New)

We’re upgrading the way you manage your contacts in our platform. Learn about the dashboard, its functionality, and how to view, add, and edit contact data.


Create Workflow

Workflows are automated communication journeys that you can customise according to contact data, field changes, message engagement, and more.


Getting Started with Our API

Our system offers a variety of API integrations that you can use with your system. See the basics below of how this works and refer to our API Library for the technical information for each API.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plugin

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM plugin allows you to send automated bulk email and SMS messages directly from your Dynamics dashboard.