This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Birthday campaign selection has been sped up to handle larger contact lists.
  • Dynamic Attachments now support Google Drive.
    • Files must be set to “Anyone with the link.” when sharing.
  • All messages now show on Standard Campaign reports.
    • Messages can be filtered by Sent/Unsent/All.
  • Minor design changes have been made on the Quota page.

Bugs Zapped

  • Mobile Outlook now positions footers correctly.
  • SMS counter has been fixed to remove unsubscribes for a more accurate count.
  • SMS personalisation TWIG error message has been fixed to display a “More Details” button.
  • Email TWIG error no longer appears when sending a test message to 5 contacts.
    • A message will show where error appears in the message.
  • Paused messages in Standard Campaign report no longer show as sent.
  • Drip campaign Anniversary Restricted Sending Times now only send between the selected times.