The easiest way to grow your database is to have a subscription form on your website or at the point of sale, inviting visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

How to Create a Subscription Form

To create a subscription form:

  • Go to: Database Management > Subscription Forms
  • Click the orange Create Form button in the top left of the screen.
  • Give your form a name, a description, and select whether you’d like the form to subscribe or unsubscribe someone from a list.

Using the Drag-and-Drop Builder

Now that you’ve created your form, you can customise it with a header image, header text, as well as list fields, buttons, and colours of your choice. Do this by navigating between the Fields and Customise tabs in the top left of the screen.

Fields tab

At the top of the fields tab, the drop-down list enables you to select the type of fields you’d like to include in your form, including:

  • Basic Fields (name, surname, email address, and mobile number)
  • Personal Information (like birth date and gender)
  • Contact Information (like address and other phone numbers)
  • Company Information (like company name and the contact’s job title)
  • Custom Fields (All the custom fields you’ve created)

From here you can drag and drop the fields from the list below this list into the form itself and drag the fields around on the form to reorder them if needed.

Customise tab

This tab allows you to customise the appearance of your subscription form by changing the colours and label positions of your form. See what your form will look like once it’s published by clicking the Preview button in the bottom right of the screen.

When you’ve finished building your form, click the orange Next button in the bottom right of the screen.

Select Your List

On the next page, select at least one list that you want this subscription form to apply to. When a new contact subscribes or unsubscribes using this form, their details will be added to or removed from to the lists you choose.

Once you’ve selected your list, click Next.

Form Settings

The form settings page has four tabs:

  1. Options
  2. Form Expiry
  3. Redirects, and
  4. Notifications

Specify your preferences on these tabs and click Next.


The options tab enables you to:

  • Double opt in: Specify if you want subscribers to be sent an email confirmation where they can double opt in to your list (not available on unsubscribe forms)
  • CAPTCHA: Put a CAPTCHA security tool on your form
  • Show lists: Show the lists the form is linked to
  • Show system branding: Show our ‘Powered by’ branding on your form
Form Expiry

The form expiry tab enables you to de-activate your form so you don’t receive any more submissions after a certain point. You can choose to expire the form on:

  • A specific date: Set a specific date and time that you’d like the form to expire
  • A submission limit: Disable the form once a certain number of people have submitted the form
  • A date and a submission limit: Disable the form as soon as you reach a specific date and time, or when it hits the submission limit; whichever one happens first

Once the form has expired, the form URL will show a standard notice that the form has expired. If you prefer, you can set this to redirect to a URL of your choice, or to a landing page you’ve created on the platform.


The redirects tab enables you to specify where you’d like to redirect contacts when they submit a form or when they confirm their subscription in a double-opt-in email.


The notifications tab enables you to specify if you’d like to receive a notification email every time the form is completed, and what email address this should be sent to.

Confirmation Page

The final confirmation page gives you a summary of the subscription form details. If you’re happy with the settings, click Publish.

On the following success page, you can copy the text provided and paste it onto your website. This will work in HTML, iFrame, Javascript, and hosted sites.

Exporting a Subscription Form

Once your subscription form has been launched, you can export a .csv file of all the contact who have completed the form from the subscription forms dashboard.

To do this:

  • Go to: Database Management > Subscription Forms
  • Select the subscription form that you’d like to export from
  • Click the Export button in the top right corner of the screen