Release Notes

Release Notes2022-08-19T13:36:04+02:00

Release Notes Version 2023.11.3

In this release: We’ve improved functionality on our Message Link Clicks global trigger by allowing users to more easily specify whether they would like to trigger an automated event on all link clicks in an email or SMS, or only trigger the action when specified links are clicked; you’ll once again be able to view the full date and time stamp on SMS replies; and we’ve improved the SMS Recreate feature to ensure all properties are populated when recreating a previously sent SMS. 

Release Notes Version 2023.10.4

Our Rich Text Editor now supports superscript and subscript; we’ve improved technical documentation related to setting up Google Analytics tracking and added instructions on enabling custom tracking links in email; you will again be able to view records of SMS unsubscribes in the Activity Log sections of Contact Profiles, and we've improved stability on our Automation Suite to allow for more effective automated communication campaigns.

Release Notes Version 2023.10.3

We’ve improved system performance on the SMS Composer interface; we’ve improved technical documentation related to the use of image links in our Gmail Promotions Tab feature, and after a recent bug fix, you will be able to view page previews as expected when composing landing pages.

Release Notes Version 2023.10.2

In this release: We’ve improved performance on the Tag Manager interface to allow for better page-load time when using multiple tags; you can once again preview your landing pages on the Landing Page History dashboard; and the page-load performance for our SMS composition interface has been updated to allow for optimised loading time.

Release Notes Version 2023.9.2

We’ve recently updated our API functionality to allow you to pull reports on emails that include information on bounces, opens, clicks, complaints, unsubscribes, and sends; if you have webhooks configured and a request made by our platform to your endpoint fails, then the request will be retried a specified number of times before being deleted from your job queue and marked as “failed”.

Release Notes Version 2023.9.1

We’ve added a parameter for Transactional Email that will allow you to redirect contacts to a specified page after unsubscribing; we’ve updated documentation relating to pulling various Email Reports using Message ID; you'll now be able to pull paginated reports on emails, we’ve improved validation on Transactional SMS, and after a recent fix, you'll be able to personalise time zones in external URLs.

Release Notes Version 2023.8.3

In this release: We’ve introduced a four-column layout element on our Email Builder that allows for user-friendly setup of content across four columns; the newly updated Manage Lists feature for bulk emails now has a personalisation icon that will allow you to add custom tags to unsubscribe URLs; you can now redirect unsubscribed contacts to a destination URL; Anniversary Workflows will once again trigger as expected; and page-load performance for our Email, Landing Page, and SMS composition interfaces has been improved.  

Release Notes Version 2023.7.4

In this release: We’ve introduced a brand-new interface for Transactional SMS that allows for user-friendly setup of webhooks; you will be able to view updated logs when contacts subscribe to your lists or when you import them into your lists, and the newly updated Google Promotions Tab interface will display product cards as expected.

Release Notes Version 2023.7.3

In this release: We’ve updated our Gmail Promotions Tab feature, allowing users to conveniently create product carousels, and you can now select and include tags in your contact exports.

Release Notes Version 2023.7.2

In this release: When retrieving a bounced transactional email via API, you’ll be able to verify whether it hard or soft bounced and receive feedback on the reason for the bounce.