Delete Webhook

Call this endpoint using a DELETE request to delete a webhook containing the webhook ID you’ve provided.


Method URL Parameters
DELETE[Webhook ID] [Webhook ID] – ID of the webhook to be deleted

Example Request

curl --location --request DELETE ''


Status codes

Status code Explanation
200 OK The request was successfully processed
401 Unauthorized Invalid/Missing authorization credentials


Properties of response with status 200 OK

Property Description Parameters
status The success state of the delete request
  • true
  • false

Properties of response with status 401 Unauthorized

Property Description Data type Expected parameters
code The HTTP response status code integer
  • 401
message The reason for the failure string Valid string
error Array containing errors field JSON
  • errors
errors Array containing the failure details JSON
  • domain
  • reason
  • message
  • locationType
  • location
domain The classification of the type of error string
  • global
reason Keyword used to describe the error string
  • required
message Text describing the reason for the failure string Valid string
locationType The location where the failure occurred string
  • request
location The type of validation that failed string
  • authorization

Example responses

Successful deletion [200 OK]

  "status": true

Nothing to delete [200 OK]

  "status": false

Invalid/Missing authorization credentials [401 Unauthorized]

    "code": 401,
    "message": "Login Required",
    "error": {
        "errors": [
                "domain": "global",
                "reason": "required",
                "message": "Login Required",
                "locationType": "request",
                "location": "authorization"