Transactional SMS (Get Replies)

Call this endpoint using a GET request to receive a list of replies that have been received from SMSs that you have sent.


Method Endpoint Parameters
GET https://[Your URL]/api/2.0/production/sms/replies [Your URL] – Your Everlytic Install URL, e.g.

Example Request

curl --location ''


Status codes

Status code Explanation
200 OK Fetched all available replies, including if there were no replies.


Property Description Data type
reply_id ID assigned to the reply integer
reply_content Content of the reply string
reply_mobile_number Mobile number that sent the reply string
reply_transaction_id ID of SMS transaction that was replied to integer
reply_received_date Date and time that reply was received string
created_at Date and time that reply was saved string
updated_at Date and time that reply was last updated string

Example response

Replies available [200 OK]

    "reply_id": 2042917,
    "reply_content": "Test reply",
    "reply_mobile_number": "+27823000123”,
    "reply_transaction_id": 247713904,
    "reply_received_date": "2023-08-15 16:01:10",
    "created_at": "2023-08-15 16:03:01",
    "updated_at": "2023-08-15 16:03:01"

No replies to any transactional SMS [200 OK]