How do I personalise my messages?

You can personalise your messages according to any information imported into the system. A common personalisation is by contact name, like “Dear John”.

For personalisation to work, the contact needs to have been imported with that field. If the personalisation tag is inserted correctly into your email, but the contact field you’re using to personalise it is not populated, it won’t pull through successfully. E.g.: It isn’t possible to send an email to your contacts using first name personalisation if your contacts were imported without the first name as a field.

Personalisation Options

Personalisation can be added in when composing your email, SMS, voice broadcast, or push notification. To add a personalisation tag:

  • In the composition step, click in the message text box where you want to insert the personalised field.
  • Click the personalisation button (the icon that looks like a person). This will open the personalisation modal.
  • Select the field you’d like to use to personalise this content.
  • Check the checkbox if you want to include a fallback option (a word to use if the field is empty – this is recommended) and specify what it should be.
  • Click Insert.

Additional Fields

You can update contacts with additional fields to use in personalisation. To do this, export your contact list to a CSV file, edit the file to add the new field, and then re-import the contact list into the system.