What should my ZIP folder contain?

During email composition, you can upload a ZIP file containing all your email elements. For it to work seamlessly, the ZIP folder has to have a specific format. Chat to your designer or agency and ask them to make sure it contains the following elements:

  • An HTML file: You should be able to view this file in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.) and all the images should display. If the images don’t display in the browser, it means your images aren’t referenced correctly in the HTML source code.
  • An image folder: All your images need to be saved in a folder and your HTML should reference images to the folder name. If you’re referencing the folder, make sure the folder is in the ZIP file.

If your images are on a website, the full URL should be used in the HTML as the image path and reference.

Creating the .zip File

Creating the .zip file is very simple and only requires a few clicks (if you are using a Windows PC).

Step 1: Locate Your Files

Make sure that both of the required files are in an easy-to-find location. Also, make sure that this location only contains the image and HTML file required for the upload.

Step 2: Select the Files

Select both of the files in this folder. You can do this in either of the following ways:

  • Click and hold the left button on your mouse and drag a square around both files.
  • Hold ‘CTRL’ and click both files.

Once you’ve done this, both files will be highlighted blue.

Step 3: Right Click on One of the Files

Right-click either of the selected files, then click Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder. Your .zip file will be created in the same directory and will contain the images folder and HTML document that you need to upload.