Why do only some of my contacts receive emails?

Contacts will continue to receive email unless their status is set to ‘Off’, ‘Unsubscribed’ or ‘Bounced’. However, if a contact’s status is ‘Active’ and they do not receive email, it’s likely that the emails are being sent and are bouncing but that the contact has not yet reached their bounce limit.

  • When contacts are imported to a list, their status is set to ‘On’. This means that contacts are sent email unless they unsubscribe, complain, or reach their bounce limit.
  • When messages are sent to a list, the system automatically determines whether the contact should remain active (‘On’) or be updated to inactive (‘Off’) and updates the status for each contact accordingly. You can view a contact’s status when browsing for a contact in Database Management > Manage Contacts > Search.

The contact checkbox is colour-coded and represents the contact’s status – click Legend (just below the list of contacts at the bottom-left of the page) for information about each colour. Read more about contact statuses here.