How do I view all the contacts in my list?

You can view contacts across all lists, create and edit contacts and view contact reports. You can also browse for individual contacts by email address or mobile number.

  • Hover over the Database Management icon in the platform navigation and click Manage Lists.
  • Click the name of the list you want to view the contacts for (not the checkbox).
  • In the preview panel on the right, click the Contacts icon. This will display all contacts assigned to this list in order of the date they were added to the list.

You can page through your contacts using the arrow buttons above the list or search for a specific contact using the search button in the top-right or the screen (contacts can be searched by email address, mobile number, or unique ID). Using the action buttons on the right, you can also create, edit, or delete contacts, and access advanced options and reports.

Contacts are subscribed to a list by email address or mobile number and can be assigned to more than one list – this is referred to as ‘mapping’ a contact. If the contact unsubscribes from one list, they stay mapped to other lists they’ve subscribed to.